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the activewear pieces you need this 2019

By Aishah Azali             10.1.2019

If fitness is a new goal this 2019 new year, make you sure you achieve that goal in style. Here are the basic pieces to build a striking activewear wardrobe.

Sports Bra

Coverage and support are key in a sports bra, especially for the curvy ladies. Therefore always find one that helps secure everything in place so you can concentrate on perfecting that plank. For intense cardio or that hot yoga class, sweating is inevitable so lookout for a sports bra that won't trap all that excess moisture. Find materials that are sweat-wicking so your skin can breathe throughout your workout regime.


Leggings are more than just comfortable pants to wear during exercise, it has risen to become an everyday trouser thanks to the boom of athleisure. When researching on this pant staple, an elastic waist is important to keep your hips and thighs secure without pinching off circulation around the waist. The elastic itself should be of good quality and so it does not loosen over time after many washes.


Jogging, hiking or those workout days where we forego the high-intensity reps for a casual power walk by the park, there are the joggers for more relaxed activities. Try finding ones with pockets to store your knick-knacks, cuffed legs for protection when you are hiking in the wild and our favourite drawstring for security that doubles as an option of loosening up your pants if you are sporting a food baby after dinner.

Sports Tee

When sports bra shopping has complete, we move on to clothes to be worn over them. Though some ladies are perfectly fine with donning just a sports bra and leggings, there is no harm in wanting to cover up during your workout. Thin breathable material is something you should look out for despite the cut. We recommend a more loose cutting top in neutral colours so you can even wear them for an errand run.

Printed Bomber Jacket

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