Things you can do in the Klang Valley and surrounding areas

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Near and dear to your heart

After a week of back-to-back meetings, computer-induced eye strains and hectic work-from-home schedules, you’re more than ready to leave the house for some fun time. But with certain restrictions and likely downtime limits, it may not be possible to leave the city for that lengthy dream vacation by the ocean.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to go far to get new experiences. Chances are, if you work in KL or Selangor, you live within Klang Valley. And even though you may be a long-time Klang Valley resident, it still has some exciting tricks up its sleeve that may surprise you.


Comfort is key for out-of-the-house activities

Whether you’re travelling long distances or planning to be out of the house all day, comfort should be the main highlight of your style. Wearing clothes made from sweat-absorbent and cool fabrics such as linen can ensure that no matter what you do or where you are, you’ll feel refreshed all day long.


Hauntu-ing of Linc Mall

In Malaysia, every old building is haunted and every major highway has its notorious ghoulish resident. We’re so accustomed to ghost stories and superstitions, we don’t even blink when someone says, “tempat tu berhantu.”

Paranormal thrill-seeking is nothing new in Malaysia, but most quests involve trespassing into abandoned sites with disreputable histories. Legalities aside, there’s also a teeny tiny possibility of whatever you were looking for following you home. Jinkies!

In comes Hauntu, touted to be KL’s first-ever immersive horror experience. Located at the LINC, KL, this wittily-named operation is “not your conventional haunted house”. For a reasonable fee, you and your friends will spend an hour solving puzzles and connecting clues in the mock colonial Colle Eastern Hotel. Sinister beings, played by real actors, lurk in the shadows as you discover the storylines, which will take you across three different timelines.

This ain’t your twinkling Twilight vampires. This IS your grandma’s langsuir and hantu, and we dare you to find anything more frightening than Asian ghosts.


Drift Away in Putrajaya

If you’re surprised by this destination on this post, we don’t blame you. For most Klang Valley-ners, Putrajaya represents two things: administrative offices to avoid as much as possible, and a tourist trap. But before you roll your eyes, you may want to head down there first and discover what its residents and tourists have known for years: Putrajaya is a delightful stomping ground.

Indulge your inner shutterbug at picturesque locations such as the Botanical Garden or the Moroccan Pavilion. Lay down your picnic blanket at Wetlands Park and observe flamingos while you lunch. If you’re eager to work up a sweat, the Water Sports Complex and District 21 offer a variety of gruelling indoor/outdoor activities.

The best way to enjoy Putrajaya is the most daring: from the skies! At SkyRides Festivals Park, the main attraction is a tethered helium balloon ride. Be sure to follow the SOPs to ensure that your fun time remains fun!

Also known as Astaka Morocco among the locals, the Morrocan Pavilian in Putrajaya features architecture and landscapes inspired by the Land of Colours. Elevate the fun (and your Instagram pics!) by matching the environment with styles from our Marrakesh Magnificent collection. 

A bit of a drive: Sekinchan, Selangor

If you truly yearn for a quick getaway from urban Klang Valley and don’t mind an hour-plus drive, take the scenic Route 5 to Sekinchan, Selangor. A small town that everyone’s heard of but few have visited, Sekinchan was primarily a fishing village that eventually expanded thanks to agricultural practices.

Sekinchan’s landscapes, from the immense paddy fields edged by traditional rumah kampung to vintage shop lots with charming names like Ah Ma’s House, are so stereotypically countryside-quaint, they filmed the Hong Kong TV series “Seeds of Life” here. Be sure to have enough space in your phone or camera because you’ll be clicking that “Take” button non-stop while you’re here.

Be sure not to miss other family-friendly activities in Sekinchan. From your charming hotel, cycle or drive to Redang Beach where, among other things, you’ll find the famous Sekinchan Wishing Tree. Jot down your wish on a red thread and tie it to one of the branches. If its appearance is any indication, there must be some magic in this old girl because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of vibrant wishing threads hanging from it!


You'll need the perfect ensembles to be out of the house all day

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