Strength in Unity,Style in Diversity

MS. READ, being a forefront in celebrating unique curves and individual style is proud to introduce its latest collection
of scarves that encapsulates the essence of artistic ingenuity. The collection, aptly named Malaysiana, is a celebration of unity, change and the vibrancy of a new generation of empowered women.

 Drawing inspiration from various local flora, the Malaysiana collection seamlessly weaves together an array of influences, colours and designs that embody a resilient grace. Collaborating with 3 female artists, each piece is a canvas echoing their individual spirits and their disciplines.

Sharina Shahrin x MS. READ

Sharina is a mixed media visual artist who explores women’s right issues through her work. Her captivating design draws its inspiration from The Bougainvillea Flower, a true embodiment of passion. Delicate yet fierce, the intertwining vines and blossoms create a mesmerizing patten that evokes a fiery energy within the collection.

Designed in varying shades of deep crimson, scarlet and ruby red, the Sharina Sharin x MS. READ scarves are a striking homage to our country’s undeniable allure.

Miriam Omar x MS. READ

Miriam is a multi-disciplinary artist who often stands up for the causes she believes in. For the collection, she has created a print design that is both playful and serene, inspired by the tranquillity of The Pagoda Flower. Enveloped in a gentle spectrum of blues, her design evokes an ambience that resonates with the essence of harmony and trust. The Miriam Omar x MS. READ scarves serve as a visual ode and a reminder of the journey towards achieving wholeness.

Lakar by Mekar x MS. READ

Asyikin Abdullah is an emerging mural artist and illustrator who is leading the way for local female artists. Her design is an intricate pattern that reflects layers of The Yellow Alamanda’s petals, encapsulating its spirit that encourages the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. The predominant use of yellow, symbolizing intellect and clarity, infuses the design with a sense of awakening. The Lakar by Mekar x MS.READ scaves radiate positivity and serves as a visual tapestry of hope and renewal.

We at MS. READ are excited to present the Malaysiana collection of scarves as an emblem of progress and a salute to this generation’s group of inspiring women. Together, let us take a step towards fashion that represents not only what we wear but who we are as a community, united in our diversity.



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Strength in Unity, Style in Diversity MS. READ, Being A Forefront In Celebrating Unique Curves And Individual Style Is Proud To Introduce Its Latest CollectionOf Scarves That Encapsulates The Essence...

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