MS. READ began in 1997, founded by Helen Read as a fashion brand offering stylish, high quality and well fitted clothing, fulfilling style needs for women sizes 12 through 24. Upholding a commitment to curvy women looking for trendy everyday wear that are tailored-to-fit, we have grown from a homegrown pioneer brand to extending our influence into Singapore and Indonesia.
The MS. READ woman is confident, passionate, real and uninhibited – we are driven to inspire and connect with her, to make her look and feel  great about the clothes she wears.
MS. READ Collection
This collection is the heart of the brand, where style and grace are exactly what is offered within this seasonal lineup. This line encompasses versatile wear for the everyday life, workwear (to remain stylish at the office) and evening (for dressy nights about town).
MS. READ Basics are the pieces you’ll never get rid of. Designed complete with functionality in mind, these comfy and relaxed basics are your ideal everyday wear tailored with style.
MS. READ Treats accommodates style at all price points, with this line being the best buys at the best prices. At just RM99 a piece, you’ll find these deals hard to resist!
Creativity is a team-effort. Collaboration happens on a daily basis and open communication is practised among our creative team between designers, product managers, graphic designers and communications staff.
We always put our customers first. We strive to provide superior customer service and build successful long-term relationships with existing customers, while initiating ways to recruit new ones.
Innovation is key. From fabric swatches to the final product, we’re always looking for the next best way to understanding and meeting our customers every wardrobe need.
Ethical Responsibility. We are dedicated to ethical manufacturing of our products, by people whom we trust and respect – because we value integrity and trustworthiness in all aspects. Every item is made with care and passion from quality fabrics at competitive price points that customers value.
Available to you at any place and anytime. Because our customers shouldn’t have to wait to shop. is available at high speed and high-level service, to our customers’ convenience.