The MS. READ Woman

She is confident, passionate, real and uninhibited. We are driven to inspire and connect with her, to make her look and feel great about the clothes she wears.
Customer reviews
Signature Ultra-Stretch Long Pants

My favourite pant

The pant is stretchable & comfy. I have bought this pant 3 times.
— Ummul Aemma
Signature Ultra-Stretch Cropped Pants

Excellent fitting cropped pants. Definitely a good buy. Will repeat purchase.
— NP
Signature Ultra-Stretch Ankle Pants

Comfortable and long lasting
Pants is comfortable and long lasting.Colour doesnt fade after wash too.
— Silvarmalar
Fit And Flare Skirt

Good quality material, neat workmanship, fits me perfectly well.
No regrets. Recommended item
— Fuziah Abdul Majid
Printed Helen Shirt

Nice Material
I bought this from the store. Really love the material, it's cooling.
— Nur Khalidah

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